Yahya Bakkar

Build the Confidence Skills to Face the Real World

  • Topics:
  • Leadership Development
  • Mental Health
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Audiences:
  • Middle & High School
  • University

Fee Range: $5K-8K

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Yahya Bakkar is a motivational speaker, confidence coach and health educator who has spoken at Harvard University, Georgia Institute of Technology, TedX and various nationally recognized conferences and organizations.

He’s the author of Beyond Motivation and The Ultimate Guide to Teen Life, and has trained with the top experts in psychology, physiology and health.

Born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, he first traveled alone to the United States at the age of 5. Like many people, Yahya faced a few challenges growing up. Yahya struggled to find his own identity because he never got along with his father and never met his birth mother.

Despite his circumstances, Yahya did his best to put the missing pieces of his life back together by seeking professional help and finding his birth mother in Thailand after being separated for over 2 decades.

Yahya’s inspirational story gives people hope & reminds them to never give up on their dreams.


  • Face Everything and Rise: How to Love as Best as You Can, Inspire Those Who Hate You, Forgive Those Who Hurt You, and Empower Those Who Need You
  • The Confidence Blueprint: Practical Strategies for Increasing Your Confidence Without Faking It.
“I have seen and reviewed literally hundreds of speakers…Yahya exceeded ALL expectations. His presentation was fun, fast- paced, relevant, had a good message and most importantly, made an impact on our attendees. ”
Laura Segura, National Teen Leadership Program
“Our students’ response to Yahya and his story was overwhelmingly positive; I highly recommend this authentic social-emotional learning experience for any school administrator or organization looking to motivate, inspire and empower students to live and lead by example.”
Suzanne Straub, Assistant Principal
“It is rare that I have so many participants talk with me after a keynote presentation to tell me how wonderful the speaker was; how encouraged they were with the message; and “where did you ever find him?”! Yahya delivered an encouraging, heartfelt message that challenged our participants. ”
Steve McKinley, 4-H Specialist
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