Ketric Newell

Helping Students Find Their True Identity & Purpose

  • Topics:
  • Belonging
  • Character Education
  • Faith Based
  • Audiences:
  • Grade 6-12 Students
  • Teachers & Staff
  • Fundraisers

Fee: $3K-5K

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Founder of the Teen Dream Center
Student Pastor at Cross Point Church
Hilarious, Biblically Sound, Incredibly Inspiring

Ketric Newell burst into the world and onto the ministry scene with a vivacity that is truly God-given.

In school, Ketric’s teachers thought he had a hearing problem because he was so loud; it turned out that Ketric was just overloaded with energy and expression! He has learned to use that expression to share the love of Christ with young people across the nation.

He is the author of “Liar Liar Mullet of Fire,” and he loves ministering to students and 20-somethings at retreats, camps, and conferences. Recently, Ketric has been a part of Girls of Grace an event for teen girls. He is currently the student pastor at CrossPoint Church in Nashville, TN, where he serves alongside his wife Ashley. It is evident from the moment you meet Ketric that he has a strong passion for ministering to men and women of all ages.

Ketric is the founder of the Teen Dream Center, and their mission is to help people break free from the lies of their past by encountering the radical and powerful love of Jesus, experiencing his truth and grace, learning to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and fully live the life that God has for them.


“Ketric’s valuable experience as a youth pastor shines through… Get ready for a good time as you learn God’s way to break free from the lies that hold you captive. ”
Craig Groeshel, Life Church
“In an honest, hilarious, and timely way Ketric Newell gives us all a sort of gut check, challenging us to face our junk so we can become all God desires us to be. ”
Pete Wilson, Cross Point
“Ketric has the unique ability to capture the head AND hearts of students and adults alike. Every single talk he gives leaves one with both heart and mind application. ”
Carlos Whitaker, Best-Selling Author

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