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A’ric Jackson and his signature program, Generation Leadership, are life-changing. I do not choose those words lightly, nor do I stand alone in this assertion as student after student has articulated just that when asked about their experience. I have worked in experiential leadership development for more than 30 years. It is difficult to find presenters with the spark of a keynote and the profound impact of meaningful follow-up training that can nurture the flame.

—Hall Neighborhood House

Audience: Full-Day Training

Mickey Rowe was a HUGE hit at our conference. His ability to take his personal story and experiences and tailor it to our audience was artful, to say the least. I received so many positive comments. They started with text messages I received while he spoke that said, “Mickey is amazing!” and “incredible choice for a keynote.” It then continued during the two days of the conference, where dozens of people came up to me specifically to rave about Mickey.

—International Council on Development and Learning

Audience: Educators & Staff Parents

Fabian Ramirez really connected with the students. It never felt like a lecture, and he used his own life experiences to set a relatable framework for the takeaways. I heard students quoting his takeaways days later! The entire experience was excellent, from exploration to booking, event prep, and the day of.

—Culver City Middle School

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

Our goal was to provide staff and faculty with valuable training and the confidence to intervene. Ashley Bendiksen effectively delivered a powerful message that resonated with all. Her personal story allowed our faculty and staff to experience her journey, which was eye-opening. Intervention techniques were provided to respond or refer services to a student who has been harmed.

—Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School

Audience: Educators & Staff

It was the best speaker experience I have had. Aric Jackson engaged the audience from start to finish; everyone was engaged and still talked about his session the next day. TYS made my life easier as the meeting planner, and A’ric was phenomenal!

—Louisiana Credit Union League

Audience: Educators & Staff

Mickey Rowe was open and relatable, sharing his experiences and what it means to advocate for oneself and others. Mickey had a way of expressing familiar ideas in new and insightful ways that left our team feeling energized.

—BCG BrightHouse

Audience: Educators & Staff

Dr. John Gaines came to Shorecrest High School to deliver a mid-year motivational assembly. I saw our students riveted by his storytelling and nodding along, acknowledging the powerful reminders John brought to our school today. After the assembly, hundreds of students came to talk to Dr. Gaines and thank him for his speech.

—Shorecrest High School

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

Generation Leadership is a game changer! I have brought the program to both middle and high school campuses and have seen great results. Aric’s energy and commitment to excellence are contagious and leave you, and your group inspired.

—Rio Rancho High School

Audience: Full-Day Training

Generation Leadership is an immersive and dynamic experience that empowers and equips youth to become socially and emotionally intelligent leaders in an increasingly diverse world.


—California Police Activities League

Audience: Full-Day Training

Jessie Funk was able to engage our students, from the little kindergarteners to the toughest 8th graders. The teachers raved about her message. The parent talk was well received. She catered each talk for her audience despite having to address five distinct groups! She was fun and able to make us THINK at the same time. She was honestly the BEST speaker I have ever scheduled.

—St. John Paul II Catholic School

Audience: Grade K-5 Students Parents

Juan Bendaña was incredible. Our team can not say enough about him. We work in youth travel and enrichment, so we have been around this demographic for 50+ years. He is so charismatic and engaging! The perfect fit to excite and reach the hearts of our youth and future leaders. Your team will come with praise as we share you with other peers and partners in WorldStrides.


Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

You could hear a pin drop during Ashley Bendiksen’s presentation.

—Carondelet High School

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

John Beede got the students fired up first thing in the morning. He then shared his amazing experiences with students and got them thinking about reaching their own summit and pursuing their dreams, regardless of the obstacles.

—Harrisburg Area Community College

Audience: College Students

Incredible. Josh Shipp made us laugh. He made us cry. He left us feeling like we could change the world by spending meaningful time building trust with the kids in our lives and those we come across in our Care to Learn communities. It was exactly what we were hoping for.

—Care to Learn

Audience: Educators & Staff

Orion Jean is dynamic, poised, and inspirational. He did an amazing job collaborating and tailoring his message for the children attending both in person and virtually.

—Reading Is Fundamental

Audience: Grade K-5 Students