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Duncan Kirkwood was the most impactful keynote we’ve ever had.

—Western New York Maritime Charter School

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students Educators & Staff

Kyle Scheele was hilarious and entertaining yet deeply meaningful and poignant.

—Ohio Parks & Recreation Association

Audience: Educators & Staff

Seeing Taes Leavitt in action amazed me. She teaches mindfulness to children in ways that mesmerize them, and her commitment to helping children understand and work with their emotions is unparalleled. She is a brilliant, creative, and incredible human.

—The Possibility Psychologist

Audience: Grade K-5 Students

Vera Jo Bustos’ presentation was engaging and informative. It has helped us work together better.

—UNM, Family Medicine

Audience: College Students Educators & Staff

Vera Jo Bustos’ message of confidence can spear anyone forward—whether you are at work or play. She ignites the fire and spirit within us all.

—CBO Association

Audience: Educators & Staff Athletes

I loved that Kelley Perotti got our kiddos involved in her presentation. She is very positive, relatable, and energetic. The kids still talk about her assembly.

—Odin Public School District

Audience: Grade K-5 Students

Kelley Perotti was full of energy and sincere. Her story was relatable, and the message was excellent. The kids loved listening to her, and we heard nothing but positive feedback from parents.

—Lake Tahoe USD

Audience: Grade K-5 Students

We’ve had a terrific response from the students already. Our students and staff were completely engaged with Dr. Julia Garcia’s story and presentation.

—Mount St. Mary College

Audience: College Students

When Dr. Julia Garcia opened our organization’s largest event of the year, she proved to be much more than a speaker. She lit up the room as well as our imaginations. She spent a lot of time getting to know our organization and our work. And it showed in the authenticity and passion that came through. Julia’s talent, dedication, presence, and delivery undoubtedly elevated the experience for all of us.

—Teach for America

Audience: Educators & Staff

According to the feedback and evaluations we received from the attendees, Dr. Joe Martin was easily the highlight of the entire event. His message on servant leadership was exactly what we needed.

—National Education Association

Audience: Educators & Staff

Dr. Joe Martin was the highlight of our district-wide annual meeting. Even months after the event, our staff still talks about the power of his message – from the principals to the custodial workers.

—Leon County School District

Audience: Educators & Staff

EJ Carrion was fantastic! Energetic. Professional. Flexible. Our students rated him extraordinarily highly. He truly cared about delivering the message we wanted. EJ was also very flexible and easy to work with. It was an excellent experience all around!

—Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

As an event planner, I appreciated his commitment to our event! When his flight got canceled, he rented a car and drove all night. EJ Carrion’s message was engaging, inspirational, and exactly what we asked for. Everyone loved him.

—Lorain County Urban League

Audience: Educators & Staff

My Life Online is A MUST-have program for schools on social media today! The speaker’s energy, message, and great sense of humor captivated everyone. He kept things interesting, engaging, and thought-provoking for every audience, student, faculty, and parent. 

—St. Pius X School

Audience: Grade K-5 Students

Fabian Ramirez was INCREDIBLE, and our students are still giving tremendous positive feedback! The booking process was simple, and we appreciated the thorough, detailed communication! We will undoubtedly be using Top Youth Speakers again in the future!

—SCOPE Health Council

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students