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Beyond grateful. Some of the greatest speakers we’ve had.

—Mount Abraham Unified School District

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students Educators & Staff

I’ve booked speakers with TYS since 2016 because it’s such a phenomenal experience from point A to point B. I know, that no matter who I get as a speaker, it’s gonna be so good.

—City of Brighton, Youth Summit

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students Educators & Staff

Mickey Rowe was a thought-provoking and thoughtful keynote speaker. Very inspiring and uplifting!! His content was really relatable and relevant to the developmental disabilities field.

—Ohio Provider Resources Association

Audience: Educators & Staff

I appreciated Kyle Quilausing and his honesty. Our students need it straight up, and his message is definitely impactful. It was great. I would like to host Kyle annually.

—Ke'elikolani Middle School

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

Josh Shipp’s message had an irresistible charm that captivated our audience. He connected with them effortlessly, and his down-to-earth personality and practical strategies were a breath of fresh air for our guests.

—Starting Point

Audience: Educators & Staff

Orion Jean is an outstanding young person and speaker. He resonated so well with an audience of 650+ people and handled a challenging moment during Q&A with maturity, depth, and kindness – he absolutely models his message.

—University of Missouri

Audience: College Students

Kyle Quilausing did an amazing job! I had so many students AND teachers come to me to say he was AMAZING. He is a fabulous speaker and really knows how to connect with the students on an emotional level. He is genuine and open about the real-life situations and dangers that our students face daily. We look forward to having him again!

—Temple High School, GEAR UP Program

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students Educators & Staff

Brian Williams is one of the most engaging speakers we’ve ever had! He is personal, educates, and teaches the kids to care about each other on a whole new level! We are EAGER to get him back to Firth.

—Firth Idaho PTO

Audience: Grade K-5 Students

We were grateful to have Ashley Bendiksen present at our 34th Annual McGuire Memorial Conference on Family Violence. She is a dynamic speaker with a story everyone should hear, from teens in the school system to those working with them and others who work with victims of domestic violence. We highly recommend Ashley to anyone who needs a presentation on teen dating violence or domestic violence.

—Billings Area Family Violence Task Force

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students Educators & Staff

Melvin Adams was INCREDIBLE! I would change absolutely nothing about his presentation; his overall attitude and demeanor were delightful. The youth AND staff loved his activities, jokes, personality, and overall message.

—New Jersey Department of Health

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students Educators & Staff

David Flood does a phenomenal job relating to students and staff while sharing real-life experiences and compelling examples of the importance of being a great person of high character.

—Tiffin Columbian High School

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

Dr. Laymon Hicks is the only speaker I’ve had at my school twice. His message is so valuable.

—Concord High School

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students Educators & Staff

Kyle Quilausing was very professional and very good at working the room. Our students can be difficult sometimes, but he handled them well and delivered his message effectively. His presentation could not get any better.

—Clark County School District

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

Brian Williams brought an incredible amount of energy and held ALL age groups rapt. His adaptation of his message for elementary, middle, and high school was spot on.

—Athol Community Schools

Audience: Grade K-5 Students Grade 6-12 Students

Duncan Kirkwood was one of the best speakers we’ve ever had, and we will definitely be bringing him back here.

—Villa Maria College

Audience: College Students