Dr. Laymon Hicks

Overcome Any Obstacle & Get Back Up

  • Topics:
  • College & Career Prep
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Development
  • Audiences:
  • Grade 6-12 Students
  • College Students
  • Teachers & Staff

Fee: $3K-5K

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From Troubled Youth to PhD
Dynamic and Poetic Motivational Speaker
Author of “A Kids Book about Failure”

From troubled youth to graduating high school with a 4.0-grade point average and obtaining a doctorate by the age of 29. Dr. Laymon Hicks’ story is moving, his words are empowering, and his message is practical.

Drugs. Alcohol. Violence. Stress. Depression. Add the words bullying, peer pressure, and self-doubt and you’ve entered the real world drama of too many of our young people today.

The passage for Dr. Laymon Hicks was not typical.

Sharing his troubled teen years, surrounded by drama, battling with feelings of abandonment, lured by peer pressure into becoming a bully to his ultimate expulsion from the National Honor Society and descent into depression, Dr. Laymon puts it all on the table. His own path, from troubled youth to graduating high school with a 4.0-grade point average to obtaining a doctorate by the age of 29.

What he calls his “frustrations, flops, and faults” are hungrily devoured by his audience. And then digested. For whatever the details, from one degree to another, the pain is universal. They all know it. Now they are hungry for the outcome. The resolution. The road to redemption. And Dr. Laymon delivers.

He tells students and educators that the real motivation comes from within. From wanting more. From needing to do better. From believing you deserve better. From “Maximize Your Moment!” From knowing “You Can!” From knowing “You’re the BOMB!”


“Your audience will be mesmerized from the beginning of his speech to the end and they will be positively impacted!”
Patricia Lambert, Principal
“Dr. Laymon Hicks was truly the best keynote I have ever heard and the most connected with the audience.”
Sasha Gregory, Advisor
“Not only is Dr. Laymon an excellent speaker, but he is also a joy to work with. Working with Laymon was a true pleasure and made my job as the event coordinator much easier.”
Hope Carter, Event Coordinator

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