Dr. Julia Garcia

Hope & Healing For The Next Generation

  • Topics:
  • Mental Health
  • Professional Development
  • School Culture
  • Audiences:
  • Grade 6-12 Students
  • College Students
  • Teachers & Staff

Fee: $5K-10K

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Doctor of Psychology
Interactive & Multisensory Speaker
Author of “The Five Habits of Hope” (HarperCollins, 2025)

Dr. Julia is a preeminent voice for the next generation. She helps schools, universities, and organizations build a culture where students are genuinely seen and valued.

As a doctor of psychology and TEDx Speaker, Dr. J (as she is known to students) helps audiences get honest with how they feel and move forward together. Dr.J is unparalleled in her ability to connect with audiences across any demographic through her spoken word poetry and highly engaging approach. Specializing in campus culture, diversity, and mental health, Dr. Julia reminds us all to keep showing up for ourselves and each other.

Dr. Julia has over a decade of experience working with hundreds of campuses, conferences, universities, and non-profit organizations, bringing interactive experiences that shape culture and improve outcomes for all students.


“In my 25 years, this is the best program I have ever seen.”
Seton Hall University
“When Julia opened our organization's largest event of the year, she proved to be much more than a speaker. She lit up the room as well as our imaginations. When she agreed to perform at our event, she spent a lot of time getting to know our organization and work that we do. And it showed in the authenticity and passion that came through. Julia's talent, dedication, presence, and delivery undoubtedly elevated the experience for all of us.”
Steven Erickson, Teach for America
“We’ve had a terrific response from the students already. Our students and staff were completely engaged with her story and presentation.”
Caitlin Eby, Mount St. Mary College
“Today at work, our curriculum team created a list of 10 people that our students should be studying, focusing on strong character and overcoming obstacles. They chose Jackie Robinson and a variety of other famous people. The third name on the list was Dr. Julia Garcia. Need I say more?”
Amy Perhamus, Principal

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