Ming Shelby, Ed.S

Create a Thriving School Culture

  • Topics:
  • Professional Development
  • School Culture
  • Social-Emotional
  • Audiences:
  • Teachers & Staff
  • Full-Day Training

Fee Range: $3K-5K

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Featured TED-Ed Speaker
Instructional Coach
National Board Certified Teacher

Ming Shelby, Ed.S is dedicated to inspiring students, teachers, and staff through positive learning experiences. She has committed her career to fostering courageous communities where personal and academic transformation thrives.

With her roots as a teacher in the Chicago suburbs, Ming experienced the joys of building a school community and collaborating with families to provide top-notch learning experiences for students.

Her journey led her to become an Instructional Coach, where she transitioned from the classroom to empowering fellow educators. She found profound satisfaction in celebrating teachers’ successes and expanding her impact beyond her students.

In her current role as a Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Ming collaborates with administrators, staff, and families to make well-informed curricular and instructional decisions for the benefit of students.

Ming’s philosophy revolves around the belief that courage is an essential catalyst for personal growth. She advocates for intentional learning experiences, authentic personal development, and strategic support to nurture communities where courage thrives.

Ming’s dedication and vibrant energy make her a speaker who continually inspires and empowers other educators, fostering a culture of growth and courage within educational communities nationwide.


“Ming is a true educator. She knows how to read the room and engage her audience. Far from a traditional sit-and-get PD, Ming’s session got everybody involved from the first minute. She led us through an open and reflective conversation that will take our staff to the next level. They feel empowered to practice the skills she introduced, and we are already planning the next steps.”
Susan Fumo, Director of School Improvement
“Ming has an exceptional capacity to lead, plan, and deliver impactful content to staff. Ming is a clear leader who delivers a strong and supportive message, but more importantly, she backs up everything she says with a servant’s heart and positive attitude.”
Quinn Wulbecker, School Principal
“Her vast experience with brain science, motivational learning, and creative processes quickly influenced our staff in a positive direction.”
Amanda Stochl, School Principal

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