Taes Leavitt

Helping Kids Understand & Talk About Their Big Feelings

  • Topics:
  • Health & Wellness
  • Mental Health
  • Social-Emotional
  • Audiences:
  • Grade K-5 Students
  • Teachers & Staff
  • Parents

Fee: $3K-5K

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2X Juno Award Winner (Canadian Grammy)
15+ Years Creating Children’s TV and Stage Programming
 Research-Based & Specifically Designed for Kids

Taes (pronounced: TESS) has spent the last 15 years creating empowering television and stage content for kids as one half of the musical duo, Splash’N Boots. 

Her goal is to empower kids to move confidently through their big feelings. Her research has revealed that the number one thing that holds people back is not knowing how to navigate big feelings— such as bullying, failure, guilt, sadness, and heartbreak.

Her knowledge of children’s entertainment (she knows what kids find entertaining!) combined with developmental psychology and mindfulness practices has led to the creation of this program — which is approved by pediatricians and psychologists!

The Big Heart Method will help build students’ resilience, boost their confidence, reduce anxiety, and strengthen their relationships with teachers, parents, and other caring adults.


“Taes is truly iconic; she’s like the next Mr. Rogers. Her material will touch your heart and empower children in ways few people can.”
Ty Wenzel, Chiron Group
“As a school principal struggling with HOW to help my teachers and their students adjust to the new realities ahead, when I heard about this program, I knew it had everything I needed to support my staff and, most importantly, the students.”
Josh K, Elementary School Principal
“ Seeing Taes in action amazed me. She teaches mindfulness and meditation practices to children in ways that mesmerize them, and her commitment to helping children learn to understand and work with their emotions is unparalleled. She is a brilliant, creative, and incredible human.”
Dr. Julia Sen, Psychologist
“Students often come to class with many different feelings that they don’t know how to cope with. The Big Heart Journey gives students easy and fun strategies to move through all of their different feelings.”
Shanon C, Teacher
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