Lasada Pippen

Unlocking Student Potential & Educator Resilience

  • Topics:
  • Academic Success
  • College & Career Prep
  • Audiences:
  • Grade 6-12 Students
  • College Students
  • Teachers & Staff

Fee: $3K-5K

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Former Computer Engineer & Cloud Architect
STEM Major in University
Top-Rated Keynote Speaker

Lasada “LP” Pippen defied the odds.

Despite a challenging childhood marked by financial struggles, he transformed from an underserved individual to a STEM graduate and engineering expert. LP, the first in his family to graduate college, forged a prosperous career as a Computer Engineer & Cloud Architect.

But success didn’t satisfy LP’s ultimate passion. He shifted gears from thriving in the tech industry to pursuing his true calling – empowering others to unlock their potential and stay inspired for greatness.

Today, LP delivers his compelling message and tools, sparking change among students, educators, and leaders worldwide.

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“We were fired up and tremendously blessed by LP and what he said about finding your why. It added value to our district, kicked our school year off right, and we're just excited to see the fruits of the truth that he gave us this year.”
–Matt Evans, Board Chairman, Dalton Public Schools
“The thing that set Lasada apart from other speakers that we've brought in would be his ability to connect with the kids and connect with them in a real way that was relevant to them. So, it was great to see our students engaged. We pride ourselves on creating memorable experiences for our students, and that drives everything that we do, from the classroom to special events like this. And so, Lasada did a phenomenal job.”
–Justin Spillers, Principal, Rabun County High School
“Lasada Pippen spoke to us today and did an outstanding job of finding our why and discovering our how. It's going to really keep us motivated throughout the year, and when times are tough. We'll have an opportunity to go back and look at what we talked about today to keep us motivated, to make sure our children get the best that we can provide for them throughout the school year.”
–Tim Scott, Superintendent
“Awesome. Everyone was engaged from the first second to the last minute, so excellent engagement. He hit all demographics, which is important in today's time. It was just a great atmosphere. Got everybody engaged, and then all of a sudden, Lasada came out and everybody was really focused on the message, so it was very, very pleasing.”
–William Smith, Principal, Commerce High School

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