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Incredible. Josh Shipp made us laugh. He made us cry. He left us feeling like we could change the world by spending meaningful time building trust with the kids in our lives and those we come across in our Care to Learn communities. It was exactly what we were hoping for.

—Care to Learn

Audience: Educators & Staff

We were delighted to once again host Josh Shipp as the keynote speaker for Live Life Well Week. GPS regularly hosts the best of the best speakers, and that is undoubtedly Josh Shipp. His ability to make us laugh, cry, and leave us inspired speaks to his unique talents to move hearts and minds. We are already eager to bring him back to our community.

—Glenbard Parent Series

Audience: Parents

I was so excited to bring them Josh Shipp’s message….but I really wasn’t sure how well it would settle across the room.  Well, as soon as Josh Shipp began to talk, I knew it was the perfect message.  The attendees will not be the same.  Many said it was the single best conference they had ever attended. We needed that message.  It was perfect.

Audience: Educators & Staff

Josh Shipp exceeded expectations yesterday- we just couldn’t have asked for a better speaker for our keynote. I truly appreciated his vulnerability, ability to make people laugh, and the good ideas and inspiration he brought to everyone in the room. I also heard great feedback from our audience about him and how they felt refreshed and inspired by his talk. So thanks, truly. You made us look good.

—Care To Learn

Audience: Educators & Staff

Josh Shipp far exceeded my expectations.  I knew he would be good, but honestly didn’t know he would be THAT good.  We had more than one donor come to our fundraising luncheon with a check but, after hearing Josh poignantly connect his story with the services our nonprofit provides, ripped it up and wrote a new one for a larger amount.

—Coastal Horizons

Audience: Fundraisers

Josh Shipp was AMAZING! His combination of humor and honesty allowed our audience to connect with his message of hope. So moved by Josh’s story, guests made additional donations of more than $90,000 before the evening’s end.

—Dallas CASA

Audience: Fundraisers

I’ve been in education for over 30 years and have sat through a countless number of professional development speakers. Josh Shipp was hands-down the absolute best I’ve seen. There is no one even a close second; the gap is astronomical.

—Windsor C-1 School District

Audience: Educators & Staff