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A’ric Jackson and his signature program, Generation Leadership, are life-changing. I do not choose those words lightly, nor do I stand alone in this assertion as student after student has articulated just that when asked about their experience. I have worked in experiential leadership development for more than 30 years. It is difficult to find presenters with the spark of a keynote and the profound impact of meaningful follow-up training that can nurture the flame.

—Hall Neighborhood House

Audience: Full-Day Training

Generation Leadership is a game changer! I have brought the program to both middle and high school campuses and have seen great results. Aric’s energy and commitment to excellence are contagious and leave you, and your group inspired.

—Rio Rancho High School

Audience: Full-Day Training

Generation Leadership is an immersive and dynamic experience that empowers and equips youth to become socially and emotionally intelligent leaders in an increasingly diverse world.


—California Police Activities League

Audience: Full-Day Training

Generation Leadership models leadership skills such as empathetic listening, problem-solving, and resolving conflicts. These activities allow students to reflect, refine and take responsibility for their learning and behavior choices. A’ric has a unique ability to connect and challenge students, touching their hearts individually within a larger group.

—Bridgeport Public Schools

Audience: Full-Day Training