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Juan Bendaña was incredible. Our team can not say enough about him. We work in youth travel and enrichment, so we have been around this demographic for 50+ years. He is so charismatic and engaging! The perfect fit to excite and reach the hearts of our youth and future leaders. Your team will come with praise as we share you with other peers and partners in WorldStrides.


Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

Juan Bendaña and his team were incredibly easy to work with. Many of my students expressed that Juan was the best speaker we have had! Students and professional staff were highly impressed with his work, and we are so excited to have Juan speak at our next big TRIO program event.

—Colorado Mesa University | TRIO Program

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students College Students

Working with Juan Bendaña was a complete blast from start to finish. His energy is infectious and was exactly what we were looking for for our event. We really wanted someone who would recharge our attendees, remind them of what matters and help them make changes in their life- Juan did just that.

—Utah Afterschool Network

Audience: Educators & Staff

We knew we needed to bring in someone truly noteworthy, and I am still receiving positive feedback about Juan Bendaña! All day at our Leadership Conference, I had people telling me how much they needed to hear his story and how he connected with them. I appreciate how much energy he brought to our event and the genuine way he connected.

—Oklahoma DECA

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

Not only is Juan Bendaña engaging and hilarious, but he knows exactly how his words impact each and every listener. As an event coordinator, it is a huge relief to work with someone who is prepared and understands how important it is to stay on topic and on time. He stole the show! Participants hung onto his every word.

—Texas State University

Audience: College Students

Juan Bendaña’s presentation was a perfect way to close the National Association for Student Activities Conference. Juan challenged us to a new standard; to get back to getter.

—National Association for Student Activities

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students Educators & Staff

Juan Bendaña’s message encourages students and educators to focus on personal growth to become the best leader possible. His energy is positive, focused, and contagious. He consistently challenges people to bring about unequivocal change, creating a fun growing experience for everyone.

—Florida Association of Student Councils

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

We had the pleasure of having Juan Bendaña as our keynote for our annual afterschool conference. Juan brought out all the stops to engage our audience, his stories and experiences were relatable to our field, and his message was powerful to the afterschool providers. I would highly recommend Juan as a keynote for any educational event.

—Michigan Afterschool Partnership

Audience: Educators & Staff Full-Day Training