Generation Leadership

Empowering The Next Generation of Leaders

  • Topics:
  • Leadership Development
  • School Culture
  • Audiences:
  • Grade 6-12 Students
  • Teachers & Staff
  • Full-Day Training

Fee Range: $5K-10K

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Adopted by Over 200 School Districts
Customized To Align With School Objectives
Ongoing Resources to Deepen Leadership

Generation Leadership is a training program where students begin to understand and engage their unique leadership style.  It takes all student leaders through an immersive, practical, life-changing day of leadership training.

During the training, they are challenged to utilize their new knowledge and skills in the development of their peers and their community. It moves students beyond simple training to an empowered / self-actualized / self-directed leader impacting the student voice and school climate.  They will walk out KNOWING they can make THE difference in a way they never knew before.

Changing the school climate and student voice of any school is not going to happen just by directives given by the principal and teachers alone. It is going to take a group of inspired student leaders who are empowered to change and impact the student culture and student voice.

Generation Leadership provides those students who are already leaders the tools and training to use their roles and talents to affect transformational change in a school’s culture.


Format: In-Person -or- Virtual
Grades: Middle School or High School Students
Length: Flexible; typically half-day or full-day
Objective: Preparing The Next Generation of Leaders To Lead NOW


• Moves students beyond simple training to an empowered / self-actualized /self-directed leader impacting the student culture and community.

• Creates Self-Awareness through the discovery of leadership their leadership styles and how to interact with their peers and teachers.

• Students learn effective communication skills and techniques which enhance their public speaking, listening and written communication.

• Teaches critical thinking skills that can be utilized when interacting with other students, teachers, administration, and their families and communities.


“As a school administrator for 25+ years, we get to a point where we think we have seen it all. Trust me when I tell you that Generation Leadership is a breath of fresh air and the training is timely, relevant, and powerful. I can highly recommend Generation Leadership and in fact we are using this program to assist in the merging of two rival high schools into one within our town. I have no doubt that this will be a successful endeavor.”
Paul Newton, Principal Enrico Fermi High School
“Generation Leadership has made such an impact on who we are as a school and how we work with students to maintain a positive school environment. Students are transformed into agents of change as they develop leadership skills and begin to realize their potential to influence the culture and climate of their school. ”
Keri Hagness, Principal The Morgan School
“Generation Leadership gives students a voice in their school and community, teaches them to use their voice, and then take responsibility for what is happening in their town and school. When young people are empowered in this manner, they are less likely to use substances, are more likely to exert positive peer pressure, and will achieve at high levels. ”
Kelley Edwards, Coordinator of Prevention Services

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