Now You Can Name The Price
To Have Josh Shipp
Inspire Your Students

Imagine having Josh Shipp empower your students.
Limited-time opportunity: great for slim budgets!

Dear Caring Adult,

All over the world, youth hunger for the inspiration they need to transform their lives… to break free from the shackles of peer pressure, bullying, and lack of direction. Chances are, there are more than a few students in your school or organization who desperately need encouragement and easy to use techniques to transcend the struggles they face:

  • Lack of Motivation
  • Distrust of "authority figures"
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • The temptation of drugs or alcohol
  • The shame and helplessness of bullying and exclusion

As a caring adult, you undoubtedly feel like it's your responsibility to provide the resources they need… but budget constraints keep many individuals just like you from booking a speaker with genuine life-changing message.

It's not your fault… but it's also not fair to the students who rely on you for guidance, inspiration, and the tools they need to SUCCEED!

Let's face it…

World-class speakers don't come cheap! But you don't want to bring in a no-name just to save a few bucks. After all, the well-being of your students (and your reputation) is at stake.

You want to bring in the best, but the best is more than you can afford. It's the old "rock and a hard place" scenario, and we get that.

GOOD NEWS...we're here to help.

Josh Shipp knows first-hand the enormous struggles that plague today's youth… and he wants to do something about it!

As one of the world's most sought-after speakers, Josh combines heartfelt inspiration, laugh-out-loud humor, and practical strategies to drive change.

Let's Change Lives - Here's Our Budget
Ellen Rakieten
"When it comes to understanding the minds of teens, there is no greater expert than Josh Shipp. I've witnessed firsthand the lives he's transformed."
Ellen Rakieten, Emmy Award-Winning Producer of OPRAH

But Josh Shipp wants to do more!

Josh Shipp is more concerned with changing (and saving) lives than earning top-tier speaking fees.

So he's decided to give back by offering you an incredible deal:

For a limited time, you can "Name Your Price"… and have the opportunity to bring Josh to your school or organization!

Ask yourself… what would it be worth to you to provide your students with life-transforming strategies and advice, including:

  • Making SMART choices
  • Overcoming adversity, once and for all
  • How to become and stay motivated
  • How to positively influence peers
  • Practical solutions for bullying

For caring adults just like you, it would be like winning the lottery!

Let's Change Lives - Here's Our Budget

Jump On This Opportunity

  • You'll feel empowered knowing that you're providing your students and community members with life-altering, actionable, engaging advice that will inspire them to become leaders instead of statistics!
  • You'll enjoy the praise of peers who wonder how you provided incredible motivation to your students… while staying within your organization's budget!
  • You'll rest easy knowing that you don't have to spend hours searching for a world-class, proven speaker!


  • The ability to arm your students with life-changing strategies… at a price your orginization can afford
  • A PROVEN youth speaker who has addressed more than 2 MILLION parents and students around the world!
  • A Kid-Tested AND Parent-Approved presentation that is entertaining and life-changing.
  • A presentation tailored to the needs of today's youth… instead of just another boring lecture!

Why do kids relate so strongly
with Josh Shipp? Watch and see...

Josh Shipp was where many of your students are now. As a former foster kid, troublemaker and troubled teen… he knows how to connect with today's youth and offer real-world inspiration. He understands that lackluster lectures don't cut it with today's youth… and instead provides a dynamic presentation that entertains and transforms audiences around the world!

He is committed to connecting with your audience… meeting them where they are RIGHT NOW… and inspiring them to truly transcend their struggles!

What's Your Budget?

Budgets are tight, but you and your students deserve the best.

If for some reason Josh Shipp can’t speak at your event - such as scheduling conflicts - he will personally recommend a few speakers that he has trained and rigorously screened.

100% Privacy - No Obligation or Commitment.

"Josh Shipp's message held our students spellbound. In 18 years of being an educator, hands-down the best speaker that I have ever seen for students. Hilarious, wise content, and absolutely life-changing. He far surpassed our greatest expectations and our students absolutely LOVED his message."

Deborah Lorens, Belmont Union High School