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EJ Carrion engaged our group from the first second. He understands how to hook students to hear a positive message. I now know that it is possible for a great speaker to hold students’ attention for longer than a few minutes! So, the next time someone books EJ for less than one hour, push back and insist on at least one hour for an optimal experience.

—GEAR UP Wyoming

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

On behalf of Educate Texas, I’d like to express our sincere gratitude for EJ Carrion’s inspiring and memorable keynote address at our Summit. His heartfelt messages and passion for improving student lives made a lasting impression on the entire audience. EJ is a true visionary and human-centered leader.

—Educate Texas | Communities Foundation of Texas

Audience: Educators & Staff

EJ Carrion was fantastic! Energetic. Professional. Flexible. Our students rated him extraordinarily highly. He truly cared about delivering the message we wanted. EJ was also very flexible and easy to work with. It was an excellent experience all around!

—Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

As an event planner, I appreciated his commitment to our event! When his flight got canceled, he rented a car and drove all night. EJ Carrion’s message was engaging, inspirational, and exactly what we asked for. Everyone loved him.

—Lorain County Urban League

Audience: Educators & Staff

EJ Carrion’s message was perfect for our students. The students left feeling motivated and inspired. His energy was contagious! We sent out student evaluations for our College and Career Day, and EJ’s presentation was overwhelmingly popular with all the students. Many want him to return!

—Niles Community Schools

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students

EJ Carrion was fantastic! He did a wonderful job relating to students and inspiring them to take a leap of faith to reach their goals. He was a phenomenal speaker and was pivotal in motivating our students.

—My Pathway To College

Audience: Grade 6-12 Students College Students

EJ Carrion was engaging, relevant, and enthusiastic. He made the presentation anything but boring, and it was great that he was willing to make personal connections with the audience. I heard a lot of positive “buzz” around the building afterward due to how he presented, and we were delighted to have kicked off our school year this way.

—Wolcott High School

Audience: Educators & Staff

EJ Carrion is high energy and fun, balanced with serious content and research. He ticks all the boxes.

—Seminole State College

Audience: College Students