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Digital Evangelist with 70M Followers
Author of “Start Where You Are” and “No Turning Back”
Host of the Scripture & Stories Podcast

Rashawn Copeland is the author of Start Where You Are and the founder of I’m So Blessed Daily.

Founder of the largest Christian Facebook network, reaching millions daily, he is also the host of the Scripture and Stories podcast on the Converge Podcast Network. He has served alongside notable brands such as Life Church (YouVersion), the Manny Pacquiao Foundation, the Museum of the Bible, Pureflix, and many others.

A graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, he is currently earning his MDiv at Liberty University and lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, Denisse, and their four children.


“This message hits much harder than Floyd Mayweather. I'm not kidding! Rashawn has impacted thousands with Gospel on my home island of Mindanao, Philippines. He shares in Start Where You Are that a life lived intimately with God may not be easiest. But it will always be a fuller, richer, and more exciting life not only now but in eternity.”
Manny Pacquiao, Professional Boxer
“We don't have to impress, perform for, or prove ourselves to God and Rashawn's life tells that story well. With a huge heart and deep conviction, Start Where You Are is a simple, straightforward anthem about the love God has for all of us and Rashawn is a joyful guide pointing the way.”
Emily P. Freeman, Wall Street Journal bestselling author
“Rashawn takes us on his spiritual journey of discovering how to turn self-seeking love into an awareness of God's love. Jesus is the path and the prize, and the walk of faith is often a winding road. Instead of looking back, we should look forward to what is ahead: eternal life with Jesus.”
Candace Cameron Bure, The View
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