Kyle Scheele

Making the World a Better Place Starts With Making Your World a Better Place

  • Topics:
  • Leadership Development
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • School Culture
  • Audiences:
  • Middle & High School
  • University
  • Parents & Teachers

Fee Range: $1K-5K

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Kyle Scheele is on a mission to build a better world. He is an inspiring author, speaker, and cardboarder who has challenged tens of thousands of students across the nation to build a better world.

Whether he’s keynoting to an arena full of students, singing “Don’t Stop Believing” with 37,000 friends, or building yet another cardboard masterpiece,

Kyle is constantly working on one thing: closing the gap between the way the world is and the way it could be.

Kyle has spoken to over 350,000 audience members in 49 states. His projects have been featured by outlets like Upworthy, Buzzfeed, WIRED, Fast Company, Mashable, Laughing Squid, MAKE Magazine, and more.

When he’s not on a plane or a stage, Kyle is at home in Springfield, MO, where he lives with his beautiful wife Lindsay and their four crazy kids. He’s still not sure how he ended up with such an incredible family, but he’s trying to lay low in case this whole thing was some sort of mistake.

In his free time, Kyle enjoys reading, writing, and building weird stuff out of cardboard.


• Student Keynote: It Only Takes One
In this talk, Kyle cuts through the doom and gloom to show that not only can one person make a difference, but massive movements boil down to individual people working together. With a perfect balance of humor and inspiration, Kyle shows students that it only takes one person to change the world, and each of us can be that person.

• Educator Keynote: The Six Teachers Who Changed My Life
In this talk, Kyle describes the six teachers who kept him from going down the wrong path, steered him toward his creative strengths, and set him on the path to impacting hundreds of thousands of people. With the perfect blend of humor and heart, Kyle shares the principles and strategies that worked in reaching challenging students like him.

• Student Workshop: Change Your Community, Change Your World
In this workshop, Kyle Scheele teaches students how to make a difference in their classrooms, their schools, their communities, and eventually their world. Students learn to take ownership of the problems in their lives, assume leadership, and set the example for others to follow.

• Educator Workshop: Helping Your Students Live Better Stories
In this workshop, Kyle helps educators get back to the things that brought them into teaching in the first place. He brings practical ideas and proven techniques for leaving your management-style education behind in favor of a job as Editor-in-chief.

“First let me say – ‘Book him’ – he was everything that was advertised. It’s not easy to hold the attention of 8,500+ students and guests in an arena, but Kyle had our members from the moment he stepped on the stage.”
Keith D. | Executive Director
“Kyle’s speaking style was phenomenal. His message was intelligent, edged with appropriate humor, and appealing to all members of his audience, young and old. With great skill and flair, Kyle challenged them to think, encouraged them to reflect on their own unique set of circumstances, and to live their best story. An overwhelming majority of students listed Kyle as their favorite part of the day.”
Tracy B. | Division Director
“Kyle speaks the language of the next generation. He mixes humor with current topics relevant to today’s students.”
Jason D. | State Coordinator
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