Fight The New Drug

Educating Youth on the Harmful Effects of Pornography

  • Topics:
  • Health & Wellness
  • Internet Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Audiences:
  • Middle & High School
  • College & University
  • Educators & Staff

Fee Range: $2K-5K

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Age Appropriate & Research-Based
Hosted by 500+ Public Schools
Featured by Psychology Today & ABC Nightline

Fight The New Drug’s age Appropriate and research-based presentation has been hosted in 500+ public schools and featured by Psychology Today, CNN, & ABC Nightline.

Why it’s critical to educate students on the harmful effects of pornography—even if it’s not part of the curriculum or considered taboo…

Although the negative effects of online pornography are well-documented, few realize that one demographic is especially at risk.

According to the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, teenagers are the largest consumers of Internet Pornography. And because the brain is most susceptible during these teen years to the chemical overload that comes with continued viewing, addiction is a real danger.

Unfortunately for students, schools have few, if any, resources dedicated to preventing – or even addressing – this problem that can lead to depression, isolation, and academic struggles.

Easy accessibility has turned the Internet into today’s “drug dealer” – a place where porn-related searches represent nearly 25% of ALL online inquiries.

Please understand, our message is NOT religious and NOT political.


“Fight the New Drug Destigmatizes the Topic and Uses a Scientific Approach”
“Our school has tried other approaches in addressing the issue of pornography, most of which did not resonate. Fight the New Drug’s presentation had our students laughing, participating, and learning.”
“The feedback from the staff and students was very positive. I believe the message shared regarding the impact of pornography on the brain, relationships, and society, was impactful for the students. I would recommend this presentation to all schools.”
RODNEY HORTON, School Principal
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